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Finding authentic sports memorabilia featuring the classic and original cheerleaders of the Raiders is difficult to find. The Original Raiderettes Official Site provides a way to get the memorabilia you crave for your collection with confidence that it's coming from a reliable source.

The Original Raiderettes group offers you a way to connect with the cheerleading sensation that started in 1961. Showcasing posters and pictures of both vintage and current times provide you a piece of their classical beauty.  But don't just collect memorabilia, meet The 1961 Originals for yourself by booking an appearance at your next event or special occasion.

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Collect a piece of iconic history with memorabilia from The Original Raiderettes in California. With more than 50 years of experience behind us, we strive to provide the absolute finest in posters, photos and other items featuring our original cheerleaders.
You'll never find another organization that gives you access to authentic memorabilia and appearances by authentic Raiderettes.


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